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summerian email scam

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5/26/09 10:19 pm

5/18/09 11:17 pm - synthesizing: ten ragas to a disco beat

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4/25/09 11:30 pm

Babies spend their first few years integrating and understanding a flood of confusing sounds, images, and other sensory input until they are able to start doing things that we, as adults, consider to be trivial. Over time, their brain makes some sort of connection between the image of a hand and the tactile sensations, and it becomes their hand.

However, adults have considerable difficulty following the same process. For example, amputee’s have had mixed results in learning how to control prosthetic hands. New research at the Karolinska Institute(Stockholm, Sweden) has shown remarkable and very promising success using a technique known as the “rubber hand illusion”. It’s almost like ‘brain hacking’.


3/31/09 08:59 pm - nothing is too amazing to be true

3/19/09 11:33 pm - i grow a beard now

3/18/09 08:36 pm

3/11/09 05:35 pm

2/22/09 09:53 pm - seek and you shall find



2/13/09 12:00 am - make valentines happy

listen up! once in every 1000 years, on friday the 13th, we can be summoned by wiggling your penis in a special pattern.Collapse )

1/6/09 09:56 pm

1/1/09 10:05 pm - 2009 is here: beware

12/31/08 04:36 pm - 2009 tá com pulga na cueca! tudo de bom pra você

12/25/08 12:09 am - ho ho ho

12/21/08 11:44 pm

"It was the first time in the world that it was possible to visualise what people see directly from the brain activity."

12/4/08 09:02 pm

As of 2007[update], the computational requirements for molecular dynamics are such that it takes several months of computing time on the world's fastest computers to simulate 1/10th of one second of the folding of a single protein molecule.

12/4/08 07:13 pm



drop impactCollapse )

Since "other times are just special cases of other universes" (an idea that has been much expanded by Julian Barbour), the temporal granularity of personhood through time is a special case of being spread out through worlds. In addition to one's identically time-stamped copies at a moment across parallel worlds transversely, there are the differently time-stamped copies across parallel worlds longitudinally, linked by natural law so as to give the individual's experience of one world and a continuous self

11/17/08 12:21 am - toma lá disco

Central Line .Nature Boy [Show TV .1983] - kewego

11/11/08 07:02 pm - hail to the exoskeleton

11/6/08 09:30 pm - rest in peace


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11/5/08 09:15 pm

11/1/08 11:05 pm

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