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summerian email scam

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what's up, frog?
a love supreme, a sense of wonder, accelerating change, accessibility rights, animation, are sirens sinewaves?, ash ra temple, biomotion, computational linguistics, concertina, conversational analysis, cosmic disco, curd duca, cybernetics, delicious curry, delight, dr slump, echos of voidness, embodied cognition, extracting scat from videos'brains, fabula of fairlight nebula, fever, fleeting moment in dance, flow, funk, gesture, hyperbody, in all this confusion, interface, interstice, it's just an illusion, junk, kink, language, lavish desert night, mantles, mirror neurons, motor cognition, mudra keyboard, multimodal interaction, mutate and survive, mysterium tremendum et fascinans, neurobotics, nonduality: mixed reality, optimism, parva naturalia, polyphonic voice, possible words, proprioception, prosody, radio city fantasy, recognition, recursive consciousness, repetition never the same, rhythm and poetry, sentience: presence in experience, sleep, spunk, sunbath, super-ape inna good shape, supreme fiction, surrender, the extended mind, the floating world, touch, transcription, transhumanism, tropical heat, trust your technolust, twilight language, underwater vividness, web-wide worlds

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